Translations API Parameters

Request parameters | Response parameters

Translations API Query String Parameters

Parameter Description Default value
api Hostname to be used only in production: N/A Required
apidev Hostname to be used only in development: N/A Required
apikey Unique code used to access the API N/A Required
version Version of the API v1 Required
groupID Id of the particular group that translations are provided for  N/A Required
format Format of the response JSON Optional
language Culture code (string) or Unique ID (int) indicating the language in which to return the resource en-us Optional

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Translations API Response Parameters

Parameter Description
DisplayName Display Name (English) of the language
ID Unique ID for the language
ISO The culture code for the language
LanguageType The unique ID for the language type
LocalizedName The translated name of the language
MicroSoftCode The Microsoft culture code for the language
MicroSoftName The Microsoft display name of the language
Name The internal name of the language
LanguageCode Culture code of the language for which the phrase is translated
PhraseCode Word (or phrase - without spaces) to use as a key for joining the translations
Text Translated word or phrase
DataCode Key to use for translation

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