Astronomy API Parameters

Request parameters | Response parameters


Astronomy API Query String Parameters

Parameter Description Default value
api Hostname to be used only in production: N/A Required
apidev Hostname to be used only in development: N/A Required
apikey Unique code used to access the API N/A Required
version Version of the API v1 Required
locationkey Unique ID used to search for a specific location N/A Required
format Format of the response JSON Optional
q Text to match N/A Required
start Date indicating the start date of a range N/A Required
end Date indicating the end date of a range N/A Required
gmtoffset The difference in hours and minutes from GMT N/A Required
days The number of days to query N/A Optional
phases The number of major phases N/A Optional

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Astronomy API Response Parameters

Parameter Description
Date Date of the astronomy information displayed in ISO8601 format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss±hh:mm
Moon Moon
Sun Sun

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