Change Log

2012-08-30 Added documentation about the new Locations API
2012-09-15 Changed from geolookup in the uri stem for latitude/longitude searches to geoposition
2012-09-30 Added documentation about the Current Conditions API
2012-10-01 Added a new page to the documentation explaining available weather icons
2012-10-08 Added documentation about the Legacy API
2012-10-17 Added documentation about the Alerts API
2012-10-31 12 new languages supported in the Locations and Current Conditions APIs: Bulgarian, Croatian, Estonian, Filipino, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malaysian, Serbian, Thai, Vietnamese
2012-11-28 Added documentation about the Daily Indices API
2012-12-04 Changed date format for all APIs from yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss±hhmm to yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss±hh:mm
2012-12-10 Added documentation about the Weather Alarms API
2012-12-19 Added documentation about the Climo API
2013-01-29 Added documentation about the Daily and Hourly Forecasts API
2013-01-29 Added documentation about appending partner codes to links in the output
2013-02-07 Added daily forecast response parameters to the forecast parameters page
2013-02-07 Added a 1 day option for daily indices and a details option to get the text associated with the index
2013-02-07 Links are only provided in the indices output if a valid link exists for the index
2013-02-18 Added headline severity descriptions to the response forecast parameters table
2013-02-26 Added a page listing details about the available indices and their groups. Page is found here
2013-03-05 Added hourly forecast response parameters to the forecast parameters page
2013-03-26 Added CategoryValue as a response parameter to the Indices API
2013-03-26 Added CategoryValue as a response parameter to the Daily Forecasts API under the AirAndPollution section
2013-04-26 Added metric thresholds to Alarms homepage
2013-04-26 Added page for UnitTypes
2013-05-15 Added basic code samples for locations and current conditions search
2013-06-04 Added documentation about the Imagery API 
2013-06-04 Added documentation about the Translations API 
2013-06-04 Severe weather alert description and last action are now translated in the output
2013-09-09 Added Category to the Alerts API output
2013-09-09 Added EndDate and Category to Forecast API headlines output
2013-11-25 Added TopCityList and CityNeighbors documentation to the Locations API
2013-11-25 Updated CurrentConditions API to include getPhotos
2013-11-26 Added documentation about the Tropical API
2013-12-02 Updated Translations API to include FindTranslations, GetTranslation(phrase,lang), GetTranslationsByPhrase, and GetTranslationsByLanguage. Renamed GetPhraseTranslations to GetTranslationsByGroup
2013-12-03 Added documentation about the Translations API
2014-03-17 Added documentation about the LocalWeather API
2014-03-18 Added documentation about the Current conditions Top Cities
2014-03-24 Updated the documentation for Photos to include 16:9(HD) aspect ratio
2014-03-24 Updated the Forecasts API to include 45 day forecasts and added "IsDaylight" to Hourly Forecasts
2014-04-28 Updated documentation for the Forecasts API to include Minutecast™
2014-04-28 Added Extended Forecast links, MobileLink and Link, as a response parameter to the Forecast API Headline output
2014-06-02 Added SourceId to Details section of Location API output
2014-06-02 Added SourceId and fully translated Summary to Alerts API output
2014-07-08 Added a change log for updates to the Locations API
2014-09-25 Added 6 new languages: Bengali, Bosnian, Icelandic, Montenegrin, Swahili, and Urdu
2014-09-26 Updated MinuteCast information to include standard and premium MinuteCast.
2014-09-29 Added Past 24 hour Historical Current Conditions information.
2014-10-07 Added WetBulb Temperature as a Current Conditions Parameter and HDD/CDD as Daily Forecast parameters.
2014-10-29 Added MinuteCast caching information to Best Practices page and Forecasts page.
2015-01-08 Added Time Zones menu item to Location API. Added Partner ID information to Locations API Guide and Locations API Parameters. Removed duplicate search information from Parameters pages.
2015-04-01 Add two new languages: Azerbaijani and Uzbek
2015-05-22 Added "toplevel" query parameter for Geoposition queries.
2015-07-09 Added additional response parameters for Air Quality queries.
2015-09-08 Added LocalSource parameter for Current Conditions responses.
2015-09-29 Added two new languages: Gujarati and Tamil.
2015-10-20 Added LocalSource parameter for Daily Forecast responses.
2015-12-20 Added new language localizations.
2016-01-06 Added new parameters to MinuteCast Premium responses.
2016-01-18 Added metadata for indices 42-44.
2016-07-18 Added "Update" as an Alert Last Action.
2016-10-04 Updated International Air Quality to include Air Korea data access. Added Astronomy API. Added Tidal Forecast API.
2016-12-08 Added definitions for lastAction parameter in Alerts response. Added Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, and Telegu to list of available languages.
2017-01-18 Added DataSets parameter to Locations API. Added explanation of International Air Quality endpoints.
2017-04-03 Added Translation endpoints to the Locations API.
2017-04-06 Added ability to filter Autocomplete Locations searches by Country in Locations API. Added POI Search by Geoposition to Locations API.
2017-04-18 Added Deep Links API documentation. Added ParentCity object to Locations API response.
2017-07-11 Added Quick Start Guides.
2017-11-06 Added Quarter-day forecast endpoints.
2018-2-13 Added AccuWeather Go endpoints.
2018-7-3 Updated index categories and levels for the flight delays index.
2018-7-31 Added flying travel index to Indices API.
2018-10-1 Updated Tropical API with new endpoints. Added links to
2018-12-5 Added "HasPrecipitation" and "PrecipitationType" response parameters to Current Conditions API. Added India postal codes to Locations API.
2019-6-6 Added Radar Maps and Satellite Maps endpoints.
2019-11-4 Added Future Radar Maps endpoints.
2020-6-17 Added Air Quality API version 2.
2020-9-14 Added Historical Weather endpoints.
2021-7-27 Added "Evapotranspiration," "SolarIrradiance," "RealFeelTemperatureShade," and "ThunderstormProbability" response parameters to hourly, daily, and quarter-day Forecasts API endpoints.