Time Zones

Time zone information, including dates of Daylight Saving shifts, is available for any lat/lon pair by using the following API request:

http://{{api} or {{apidev}}.accuweather.com/locations/{version}/timezones?q={latitude, longitude}&apikey={your key}{&details={true or false}}



http://api.accuweather.com/locations/v1/timezones?q=40, -73&apikey={your key}

http://api.accuweather.com/locations/v1/timezones?q=40, -73&apikey={your key}&details=true


Time Zone Response Parameters

ID Numeric Time Zone ID (internal use only)
Name Time Zone Name
Date Current date at the specified lat/lon
GmtOffset Number of hours offset from GMT time
IsDaylightSaving A "true" or "false" verification of whether the location is currently observing Daylight Saving Time