Deep Links API Parameters

Request parameters | Response parameters


Deep Links API Query String Parameters

Parameter Description Default value
api Hostname to be used only in production: N/A Required
apidev Hostname to be used only in development: N/A Required
version Version of the API v1 Required
locationkey Unique ID used to search for a specific location N/A Required
format Format of the response JSON Optional
apikey Unique code used to access the API N/A Required
language String indicating the language in which to return the resource en-us Optional
types Comma separated list of data types to include in the response. Possible values are: Alerts, CurrentConditions, DailyForecasts, ExtendedForecasts, Home, HourlyForecasts, MinuteForecasts, MonthForecasts, QuarterlyForecastsMorning, QuarterlyForecastsAfternoon, QuarterlyForecastsEvening, QuarterlyForecastsOvernight, Radar, Satellite, Tides. no filter Optional
dayNumber Desired start day of the forecast. 1 Optional
hourNumber Desired start hour of the forecast (0-23). This number should not exceed 23. 1 Optional
metric Boolean value (true or false) that specifies whether to return the data in metric (=true) or imperial (=false) units. false Optional

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Deep Links API Response Parameters

Parameter Description
Type Forecast Type
Link Link to AccuWeather's traditional site for the requested location
MobileLink Link to AccuWeather's mobile site for the requested location

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